The New York Pizza

Terms & Conditions

  1. The New York Pizza (NYP) Loyalty Card is the property of the The New York Pizza.
  2. Any points rewards offers or promotions you redeem are subject to full GST amount.
  3. NYP Loyalty Card is property of the NYP and PerkUp, and your Card usage is subject to continued agreement of these terms.
  4. Rewards hereonafter refers to customer loyalty offers, rewards, and promotions.
  5. Loyalty cards are personal to each cardholder and cannot be transferred, loaned, borrowed or used by any other person other than the card holder. In cases where ownership is not established, identification may be asked for redemption of any reward, offer, promotion or transaction.
  6. NYP reserves the right to change, introduce or withdraw the program in part or wholly. NYP will make all reasonable efforts to inform you of such change via text SMS, email, social media or any other channel.
  7. Points are an intangible reward and are not a form of currency, backed by cash or any physical asset or equivalents. Points are only redeemable via rewards, vouchers or cash back where offered. NYP is not liable for your points and/or convert them to rewards except as part of the program.
  8. Certain services and products may not be redeemable with Points. Redeemables are determined by NYP and left fully to their discretion.
  9. Redeemed rewards are non-refundable and any points expended will not be refunded.
  10. Certain offers are only redeemable and valid for certain members. Not all members may be able to access the same rewards.
  11. NYP may at its discretion revoke your loyalty membership, for reasons including but not limited to repeated violation of these rules, its code of conduct, or unspecified internal reasons.
  12. NYP is not liable for any loss you or third parties sustain as a result of this program and your enrolment in it and/or cancellation thereof.